PROGRAMME for life

Build Teams and Transform Working Relationships

Programme for Life

Build Teams and Transform Working Relationships

Workplaces can demand a lot from people, and it’s easy for teams to feel overwhelmed and stressed in today’s disconnected, hybrid workplaces. In challenging moments, negative thinking and self-doubt impact us all. And as a HR leader or manager, you see this first-hand every day.

Programme for life

How can we help people perform at their peak?

You want to equip your teams with the skills and mindset to handle everyday working life. The right programme will bond your team closer, build an unbreakable spirit and drive their performance – together.
Developed and delivered by Dr. Brian Pennie, neuroscientist and resilience specialist, Programme for Life is designed to promote a sense of belonging, community, trust, and shared vulnerability between work colleagues, leading to deeper connections and smoother, more productive working relationships.
Over a series of 90-minute sessions, Brian uses smaller group discussions, experiential exercises, self-reflection exercises, and workbooks, tailoring them specifically to your organizational goals.

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Programme details

This interactive workshop offers a series of tangible, practical, and evidence-based tools that will help your teams to better manage stress, burnout, and anxiety both in work and life.


6-10 x 90-minute sessions


In-house or hybrid


How will you benefit from it?


Connect more deeply and learn more about their work colleagues


Develop a core set of values to guide you towards your true north


Learn how to stay calm under pressure and prevent burnout


Learn how to break bad habits and develop good habits


Eliminate self-doubt and limiting beliefs


Create a better work/life balance


Develop greater self-awareness


Discover what lights the fire in your belly

course overview

for Life

On this energetic and engaging team-building programme, a sense of belonging, community, trust, and shared vulnerability is built up between work colleagues – allowing them strengthen bonds and streamline working relationships.

  1. Individuals or executives feeling disconnected at work

  2. Teams looking to create greater unity within the group

  3. People struggling with self-doubt, lack of confidence, and a mean inner-critic

  4. Leaders who want to unearth the power of a values-based living

  5. Managers who want to understand their people better

  6. Individuals who want to break bad habits

  1. Understand how negative thinking and limiting beliefs impact your life.
  2. Acquire a science-backed toolkit for managing anxiety and stress.
  3. Master techniques for emotional regulation during challenging situations.
  4. Establish core values to guide your decisions and actions.
  5. Implement neuroscientific and behavioral strategies to break bad habits and form good ones.
  1. Consultation
    Discuss your leadership challenges and staff needs.
  2. Understanding
    Create a customized program with performance metrics, suited for in-house, remote, or hybrid models.
  3. Delivery
    Brian conducts six sessions (each 90-120 minutes) over six weeks or two days, for teams or groups, online or in-person.
  4. Follow-up
    Attendees receive toolkits and workbooks, with Brian offering support for 90 days post-program.


Course & Module Details

Discover how negative thinking and limiting beliefs hold us back in life and learn about the power of self-talk and its impact on our emotional worlds

Module one focus on a problem many people face today. Namely, limiting beliefs, negative thinking, and the stories we tell ourselves. This foundational human problem is why many people do fail to live up to their true potential, restricting themselves through self-doubt and a harsh inner critic. This session will also dive into the problematic relationship between self-talk and emotions, and how this dark side of language can limit so many aspects of our lives.

Module 1 will teach you how to

  • Discover how negative thinking and limiting beliefs hold us back in life
  • Learn about the power of self-talk and its dark relationship with emotion
  • Connect more deeply and learn more about work colleagues

Find out how to foster greater self-belief and confidence by building a wall of evidence that focuses on people’s unique talents, and helping them to unearth their own personal superpowers.

Module two will address many of the human challenges highlighted in session one. It focuses on building self-awareness, dissolving challenging emotions, creating a space between external stressors and our emotional response to them, and reframing limiting beliefs using a powerful technique from cognitive behavioural therapy. This session will also show people how to foster greater self-belief, by building a wall of evidence (based on consistency and baby steps) that focuses on people’s unique talents, and helps them to unearth their personal superpowers.

Module 2 will teach you how to

  • Develop greater self-awareness around the mental and emotional worlds
  • Learn how to reframe limiting beliefs (e.g. I’m not good enough)
  • Build greater self-confidence while unearthing your own personal superpower

Learn how our brain and body react to both calming and challenging situations.

Module three helps people to understand the mind-body connection, in terms of both neuroscience and psychology. With an emphasis on a stressed-versus-relaxed state of being, this session will highlight our amazing capacity to create change from the inside out. It will also demonstrate how our brains can work against us, and how we can develop strategies so our brains can work with us. These strategies include the latest evidence-based findings in the areas of exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness.

Module 3 will teach you how to

  • Understand how our brain and body reacts to both calming and challenging situations
  • Build a science-based toolbox that will change your relationship with anxiety and stress
  • Become more focused, present, and attentive by utilising the neuroscience of mindfulness

Identify and develop a values-based framework that will help you make decisions and take actions that align with your True North.

Module four will highlight the immense power of creating a values-based system to direct your life. Our values provide a pathway for finding our true authentic selves, as well as guiding us to what’s important in our lives. This session will demonstrate tools that will help you to identify and develop your values, as well as a metaphorical technique to help you make decisions and take actions that align with your True North, instead of making feelings-based decisions which often pull us off course.

Module 4 will teach you how to

  • Develop a core set of values that will guide decisions and actions
  • Discover the difference between value-based and feelings-based decisions, and how the latter can pull us away from what’s important in our lives
  • Learn how to use a simple and practical metaphorical tool to guide you in times of stress

Push towards purposeful action, while at the same time finding balance in daily life.

Module five will discuss the topic of purpose, pointing people towards their “why” and true calling in life – both personally and professionally. This process requires action, and knowing how to take those first steps is crucial. That’s the core objective of this session, which will help people to unearth what truly lights the fire in their belly, take a leap of faith when they feel fearful, and lean into every moment expecting magic and miracles. This session will also push people towards purposeful action, while at the same time finding balance in their lives.

Module 5 will teach you how to

  • Shine a brighter light on your why, your purpose, and true calling in life
  • Prevent burnout and feeling overwhelmed by creating a better work/life balance
  • Overcome procrastination and fear and take purposeful action in both work and life

Change behaviour and bad habits, and learn how to create and sustain progressive habits, including powerful morning routines, intention-setting and more

Based on the latest research from behavioural psychology, module six will show people how to change their behaviour and habits. We will discuss the science of habits, the power of keystone habits, how to break bad habits, and how to create and sustain progressive habits. This session will also discuss the science of motivation and procrastination, helping people to take positive action even when your mind says no. Lastly, it will show people how to create a powerful morning routine, helping them to set their intentions, increase their energy, and take positive action throughout the day.

Module 6 will teach you how to

  • Break bad habits and develop good habits using neuro and behavioural science
  • Create powerful morning routines that will positively flow into other areas of their lives
  • Become more intentional, self-directed, and self-accountable for their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing


What our clients say

“Working with Brian has opened me up to a completely new way of thinking. I can now attack problems from multiple angles, and no matter how complex the issue, Brian’s multidisciplinary approach always moves the needle.”

Jack Benson Sales Director at LED Group ROBUS

“Brian opens people up to a new way of thinking about taking ownership for their own performance, health, and happiness."

Bernard Byrne CEO at Davy Group

“Brian possesses a natural talent for inspiring individuals to conquer adversity and thrive, making him an invaluable asset to any audience seeking profound personal growth.”

Kathryn Whyte Chief People Officer, Enterprise Ireland

“Through his personal change journey and the story he tells, Brian sets himself apart from all other speakers. His authenticity is utterly compelling and the lessons he shares are relevant and easily applicable for work, for life, and relationships.”

Mark Doyle CMO at AIB

“Whilst sharing his incredibly personal story with our team, Brian provided powerful and practical tools to help us manage our reactions to stressful situations and personal anxieties. This is what makes us fundamentally resilient and ultimately what makes us great at building genuine connections with others.”

Emma Horsley Head of Culture at Hawksmoor

“It is no exaggeration to say that Brian’s programme has been life-changing for me. I feel happier, more compassionate, more focused, more connected, and more alive. I really couldn’t recommend the programme enough and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Brian’s insights and energy.”

Aoife Nally Solicitor at Hayes Solicitors

“I want to absolutely hammer home how brilliant this course was. Every aspect of it. I am gutted it is finished, and truly believe that there is not an employee here that wouldn’t benefit from the course.”

Christopher Neville Finance Analyst at NTMA

“Brian facilitates like a pro and gives great advice. Highly recommend his courses to anyone needing a bit of head space from a very busy life.”

Dr. Leanne McMenamin

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