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Dr. Brian Pennie is a published author and trained neuroscientist, and he also works as an advisor and business coach to some of Ireland’s leading CEOs. Speaking on a range of issues including real resilience, values-based living, emotional-awareness, and positive mental health, his remarkable life story inspires and enthrals in equal measure.

Combining actionable techniques and evidence-based methods that he acquired through his academic career and his own life experiences, Brian’s inspirational and uplifting talks truly get to the heart of the matter.


Working with a range of blue-chip brands, national organisations, and government bodies, Brian has almost a decade of public speaking experience under his belt and has spoken to more than 100, 000 people throughout Ireland and beyond.

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Why Book Brian


Using powerful stories and techniques, Brian delivers unforgettable takeaways that will stay with your people for years to come.  Peppered with practical and powerful takeaways throughout, your audience will take inspiration from Brian that can be applied to everyday life.


By combining evidence-based research with his own lived experience, Brian will convince even the most determined doubters that change is possible for everyone. Always grounded in science, you are assured of keynote engagements that are both insightful and informative.


Through his down-to-earth approach combined with an emotionally controlled delivery, Brian will truly energise your audience. And by giving them the fuel to ignite their own motivations, Brian’s carefully tailored keynote engagements will ensure people leave feeling like they can take on the world.

Keynote #1

How to Find Your True North: A Guidance System for Life

Bring your people on a robust, hands-on journey to find their true authentic selves

Too often, we allow our feelings determine how we act instead of ensuring our actions determine how we feel. But how do we know what actions to take? In this talk, Brian will demonstrate the immense power of creating a values-based framework. And he will show how our values provide a pathway to help us define what’s important in our lives and provide the guidance to get there.

Ideal for those who are…

1. Seeking to enhance a sense of unity, connection, and belonging within the organisation

2. Aiming to highlight the significance and meaning of company values and culture

3. Dealing with major organisational change

What you’ll leave with...

1. A framework that will help you to identify and develop your values

 2. Tools that will help you to recognise emotions and stressful reactions that can drag us off course

 3. A Technique to help you take actions and make decisions that align you with your true north

Keynote #2

How to Pause and Create Space During Emotionally Challenging Events

Give your team the capacity to successfully control their internal response to external events

Where do our real struggles lie? Through a combination of neuroscience, wisdom from Eastern philosophy, and his own lived experience, Brian expands on one of his core beliefs: It is not life’s everyday challenges that cause us to struggle, but how we react to them is where success unfolds – both personally and professionally.

Ideal for…

1. Customer-facing teams working within a fast-paced, hectic environment

 2. Executives under pressure to react to a changing working environment

 3. Leaders challenged by internal industry transformation and evolving working patterns

Afterwards, you will...

1. Learn how to stay calm under pressure

2. Harness the ability to catch emotional reactivity in full flight

3. Develop a framework that will help you to avoid emotional burnout

Keynote #3

Beyond Resilience: How to Use Adversity as Fuel for Growth

Watch your people learn how to use life’s challenges to their advantage, and ultimately use adversity as fuel for growth.

Resilience is developed over time, through lived experiences and facing the hard knocks of life head-on. In this talk, Brian explores how we need to move beyond resilience and adopt life challenges to work for us, not against us. Through his own life story of overcoming heroin addiction to completing his PhD from Trinity College, he shows why our own resilience is one of nature’s most powerful forces.

Ideal for…

1. Sales executives and teams that deal with rejection on a regular basis  

2. Customer service teams who deal with challenging customers and complaints on a regular basis

 3. Project teams who face unforeseen obstacles, changes, and uncertainties that can derail their plans.

What you’ll leave with...

1. Science-backed tools to navigate chronic and real-time stress and anxiety. 

2. A new perspective that will help you to bounce back from setbacks using obstacles as fuel for growth. 

3. A powerful visualisation technique that will help you to rehearse for future challenges

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Brian Pennie PhD

Dr. Brian Pennie

With a PhD in Psychology from Trinity College Dublin, Brian is a published author and trained neuroscientist. By combining lived experience with academic expertise, he develops programmes for blue-chip brands to help people gain full control over their mental, emotional, and external world.