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My name is Brian and I am a writer, speaker and life change strategist. It wasn’t always this way however. On October 8th 2013, I experienced my first day clean after 15 years of chronic heroin addiction. Instead of perceiving my addiction as a failure, I embraced a second chance at life and went to university to study the complexities of human behaviour.

It was during this time that I developed a program to make remarkable changes in my life.

This program includes a vast range of tools, tactics, and strategies that have helped me to:


  • Win several academic awards including a fully funded (€100,000) PhD scholarship in Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience.
  • Acquire a substantial publishing deal to write a book about personal growth.
  • Secure lecturing positions at both Trinity College and University College Dublin.
  • Launch my own highly successful personal development business.
  • Build personal and working relationships with some of Ireland’s most successful individuals in the areas of business, sport and the arts.
  • Collaborate with internationally recognised experts in their respective fields.
  • Successfully speak and present at many conferences, seminars and events around the world.
  • I am also a published academic writer, blogger, and the happiest and most energetic person I know.

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“Brian speaks from the heart and shares powerful insights, combined with great wit and charm that are applicable across all aspects of your life. He brings you on a road trip that fills you with every emotion possible. I left the room with a renewed sense of hope, and a belief about the ability and resilience we all have within us to overcome, embrace and learn from everything that happens during our lives.” Ciaran Boyle - Head Of Human Resources at AIB

“Brian’s talk left a lasting impression on me. How he was able to learn from his life experiences and apply the techniques he learned to our everyday lives simply blew me away.” Margaret Hough – AIB

“Brian has a sincere desire and passion for helping others. I am impressed by his enthusiasm and the understanding he used to transform his own life. Now, he is sharing his wisdom with others. His maintenance of his own spiritual condition is inspirational.”

  John Boyle - Founder of Ireland's largest independent bookmaker, Boylesports

“Brian’s experiences and style of delivery is very personal and raw, making for an extremely compelling narrative. Everyone wanted to hear and learn more. He opened up the audience to a new way of thinking about taking ownership for their own performance, health and happiness.” Bernard Byrne – CEO AIB

“Brian and I have become good friends in a very short period of time. He is so full of positive energy, even if you are having your worst day, after you have met him you will come away feeling like you can take on the world.”

  Michael Slein - CEO and founder of LED Group ROBUS

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