Corporate Programmes that will inspire, motivate and build unity within your teams

Today’s working world is changing so rapidly with new challenges arising all the time. Our corporate programmes are designed to help you unleash you team’s potential, driving productivity at work and happiness at home.

No matter how big or small your group, we can tailor our courses to meet your needs. Over a series of ninety-minute sessions, online or in-person, Dr Brian Pennie applies his remarkable life story to deliver practical insights alongside tools and techniques to ultimately help make working life more rewarding, fun, and impactful.

Our Core Programmes

Beyond Resilience

This interactive workshop offers a series of tangible, practical, and evidence-based tools that will help your teams to better manage stress, burnout, and anxiety both in work and life

Programme for Life

Our engaging team-building programme will promote a sense of belonging, community, trust, and shared vulnerability between colleagues, leading to unity and understanding.

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Brian Pennie PhD

Dr. Brian Pennie

With a PhD in Psychology from Trinity College Dublin, Brian is a published author and trained neuroscientist. By combining lived experience with academic expertise, he develops programmes for blue-chip brands to help people gain full control over their mental, emotional, and external world.