Master Your Self Talk

Change Your Self-Talk, Change Your Life

Online Course

This course will take you on a journey to a more positive mind. I will explain what Self-Talk is and why it happens to us, including the science of self-talk. I will run through proven techniques to change your self-talk, forever

Course Content

Module 1 - The Basic Of Self Talk

In Module 1 there will be specific focus on how it develops through childhood, the stories that we tell ourselves, how self-talk drives our behaviour, types of self-talk (e.g. inner critic), it’s link to negative thinking, and the consequences of such a mind-set.

Module 2 - The Science Of Self Talk

In Module 2 we will dig deep into the science of self-talk. I will demonstrate the relationship between language (i.e. self-talk) and reality, and how the words we use are a vehicle for emotion. I will then discuss the biology and neuroscience of self-talk and how it affects our emotional well-being in terms of anxiety and stress.

Module 3 - Build Greater Awareness

In Module 3 our focus will be on building greater self-awareness. I will discuss a variety of techniques such as mindfulness, self-observation, and self-compassion. These tools will help you to observe and track your self-talk, and as such, help you to see how it drives your feelings and behaviour.

Module 4 - Re-Frame Your Self-Talk

In Module 4 you will learn how to change and reframe your self-talk. You’ll learn how to eliminate negative self-talk, change negative beliefs about yourself, regulate your emotions, stay calm under pressure, and establish a better relationship with anxiety and stress.

This course will teach you

See the Benefits You Can Get by Working With Me

  1. Eliminate negative self-talk
  2. Change negative beliefs about yourself
  3. Understand the link between self-talk and emotion
  4. Identify how your brain gets emotionally hi-jacked by your self-talk
  5. Develop a greater awareness of your thoughts and self-talk, and learn how they are driving your feelings and behaviour
  6. Learn how to better regulate your emotions and stay calm under pressure
  7. Establish a better relationship between anxiety and stress