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Sometimes, we meet organisations facing personnel challenges so unique to them, that only a fully bespoke approach will get the results required.  Our individually-tailored advice-and-consultancy service is designed to help your organisation tackle key concerns like stress, anxiety, and burnout. Hybrid working has delivered so many advantages but companies are also reporting a breakdown in culture and a disconnection within teams can happen. We want to help you resolve this – allowing your people to perform in work and prosper at home.

From company takeovers and team realignments to developments in technology and global issues, change can have a major impact on your team’s everyday mindset. As a result, this can really impact happiness and productivity.

Whether you need help developing a new policy or training approach or require one-to-one coaching with a seasoned professional, we can help you across four key areas…

How we can help …….

Creating Real Resilience

Through a combination of workshops, tools, and advice, we deliver the latest evidence-based approach helping your teams to better manage stress, avoid burnout, and create boundaries around challenging relationships, both in work and in life.

Driving Team Building and Relationships

Using team meetings, breakout sessions and workshops, we help develop a clear values-based structure clarifying the behaviours, guidance systems, and culture that will help create solid connections and build trust within teams.

Maintaining Mental Health

We provide a tailored suite of workshops, seminars, tools and techniques to reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout by prioritising mental and physical health in your people.

Increasing Productivity

Using powerful, yet simple, personal measurement systems, we can advise you on how to create structured routines and work smarter to drive productivity.

Our approach

Through our own I-D-E-A template, we apply a solid four-step plan to helping your team manage the complexities of modern life and optimise their performance at work. We will…

Identify the challenges facing you and your team. Get an understanding of the causes, catalysts, and consequences.

Design a plan of action with you to address the key concerns. This could include a tailored workshop, a once-off talk, or a series of in-depth coaching sessions.

Engage with your team and put the plan into action.

Adapt and learn. Once our new approach has been applied, we can adjust, enhance and fine-tune where required to deal with similar scenarios that might arise in the future.

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Brian Pennie PhD

Dr. Brian Pennie

With a PhD in Psychology from Trinity College Dublin, Brian is a published author and trained neuroscientist. By combining lived experience with academic expertise, he develops programmes for blue-chip brands to help people gain full control over their mental, emotional, and external world.